Top 3 Global Oil Marketer & Producer Senior Program Manager/Environmental Engineer

“I have had the opportunity to be professionally associated with Pinnacle EMS for over 15 years. The claims management services provided have been conducted with expert competency and knowledge, generating realistic and practical solutions that integrate economic, environmental and industry considerations. Their broad base of experience and contacts has been invaluable in working nationally with the various state trust fund programs. Pinnacle’s contribution in optimizing our return from numerous state reimbursement programs has brought real value to our bottom line, increasing cost recovery and cost savings that have directly offset ongoing remediation expenses. Over the last couple of years with a concerted awareness and focus to improve efficiencies and processes in our business model, $1.7M were realized as additional recoveries, translating to a recovery rate increase close to 5.4%. As we sustain our partnership with Pinnacle we look forward to continued cost control services and industry leadership.”