CEO’s Message

CEO’s Message

“Keeping it simple” in a dynamic and fast-paced business environment can seem to be almost impossible. Having the ability to understand and navigate complex regulations and requirements and distill them into “simple” processes to get the best result is what I believe has made Pinnacle Environmental Management Support successful over the past 20 years, and it’s what will ensure success for the decades to come.

CEO_Message2   With my early career in public accounting, I’ve had the opportunity to understand the challenges businesses have in making sense of and complying with governmental regulations, requirements, and programs. In the mid 1980′s, as I began to focus on a new type of audit service related to one of the first state assurance trust funds for Leaking Underground Storage Tank (LUST) cleanup, it became clear that applicants submitting claims required in-depth knowledge and support. Because of my early work in this industry, I also took on several engagements with state auditors and attorney generals who were seeking improvements to the LUST claims management process.

In 1995, I founded Pinnacle EMS to address the needs major petroleum marketers have in managing their environmental liabilities associated with LUST’s. Pinnacle EMS has developed and designed methods, processes, and databases to make work that would otherwise be complex and arduous, much simpler and valuable. We provide a centralized, independent resource to reduce the bottom line impact of environmental remediation activities. This includes everything from contract development with environmental consultants to recovering costs from State LUST Cleanup Funds and insurance coverage which may come into play. Pinnacle EMS’ successful business model harnesses a combination of expertise, efficiency, and experience, coupled with independent oversight of the claims management process.

Early on, Pinnacle EMS developed longstanding relationships with many of the world’s largest petroleum marketers to support LUST regulatory programs across the United States. We were able to take complex programs and create simple, sustainable processes that supported their environmental programs in a cost-effective way. Our clients merged and grew which provided us with new opportunities to offer similar services in other industries. With in-depth knowledge of these programs, we have been able to serve as advocates for our clients and as a resource to government agencies and other groups seeking positive solutions to cleanup at these sites.

As our business has evolved, so have the services we provide. These services now include cost control consulting, operational and performance reporting, database and analytics, internal and external audit support, and research related to legal, insurance and real estate transactions. While Pinnacle EMS continues to serve some of the world’s most prominent oil companies, and enjoys an excellent track record accentuated by cost-effectiveness and client satisfaction, we also work with regional petroleum marketers, environmental consultants, insurance carriers, banks and government agencies.

We are dedicated to developing new ideas and solutions to simplify the work of our clients and bring greater value to their bottom line.

Cynthia T. Williams
CEO and Founder
Pinnacle Environmental Management Support

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