Claims Management Process Improvement

Claims Management Process Improvement

We help minimize the cost of remedial efforts up through, and including, recovery from State Cleanup Funds. As we develop familiarity with your internal procedures, we can improve your claims management process efficiency.

For Site Owners/Responsible Parties engaged in cleanup, we are able to work with your internal staff and outside environmental consultants to review your current procedures for ensuring releases are managed in a way to minimize overall costs of the remedial efforts up through and including recovery from the State Cleanup Funds.

For Governmental Agencies engaged in managing cleanup fund programs, Pinnacle EMS can provide the crucial expertise gathered from dealing with multiple State Cleanup Funds and agencies to allow a thorough review of the procedures and guidelines of that State in order to make recommendations on process improvements. Our staff has participated in roundtables and workgroups as well as Six Sigma LEAN processes for various state funds. Pinnacle EMS has also been engaged in providing review and audit services related to the review or investigation of specific sites to ensure appropriateness of costs paid by the agency.

Learn about our Cost Control Auditing Services and Environmental Claims Management.

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