Cost Control Auditing Services

Cost Control Auditing Services

The combination of our in-depth knowledge of Leaking UST Cleanup Trust Fund reimbursement protocols and our understanding of job site remediation practices make us a valuable resource for your cost control auditing work.

For Site Owners/Responsible Parties we:

  • Review the integrity of vendors’ invoice submissions to tank owners and/or State agencies.
  • Analyze vendor contracts, invoices, and case files associated with leaking UST cleanup projects to confirm cost efficiency
  • Confirm recovery eligibility is maximized from State Cleanup Funds or insurance policies

For Governmental Agencies we:

  • Provide insights gained from reviewing claims submitted by hundreds of applicants on tens of thousands of UST cleanup sites
  • Offer custom analysis or comparisons of site metrics from our proprietary database of approximately 13,500 sites
  • Perform review and audit services to investigate claims made on specific sites
  • Team with your agency staff, engineers, geologists or CPA’s on cost control initiatives
  • Learn about our Environmental Claims Management and Claims Management Process Improvement.

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