Environmental Claims Management

Environmental Claims Management

We offer complete, customized, affordable claims management solutions to leverage the work of your staff or outside consultants who perform remediation services. We can take on the entire claims management process or provide support as an extension to your internal team.

For Site Owners/Responsible Parties we provide a highly effective approach for monitoring cleanup costs. We are uniquely positioned for independent oversight of recovery of costs incurred by environmental consultants engaged in remedial work. We confirm that all costs expended are contractually authorized and then recovered promptly from State Cleanup Funds or insurance policies.

For Environmental Consultants engaged in cleanup and who are contractually obligated to bill the cost of their services directly to State Cleanup Funds, we provide an efficient, end-to-end, process. This can begin with training project managers on the rules of various state programs and extends through the recovery of costs from the Funds. Our staff of highly experienced professionals will orchestrate all or part of this process, depending on your resources and goals.

Learn about our Cost Control Auditing Services and Claims Management Process Improvement.

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