Industries We Serve

Industries We Serve

Petroleum Marketers

We manage the leaking UST claims process associated with State Cleanup Funds for many of the world’s largest petroleum marketers. Our services are equally valuable for mid-sized or small marketers because our goals are essentially the same: to identify opportunities for cost reduction and to maximize and expedite cost recovery. By working with us, petroleum marketers with leaking UST contamination liabilities can reduce their bottom line impacts of cleanup costs. We provide a customized approach for every client. As we evaluate, design and implement optimal claims management procedures and tools, we consider many factors: Concurrent with preparing eligibility and claim applications for submission to State Cleanup Funds, we provide a steady stream of data so clients can monitor and control their remediation expenses. We also assist petroleum marketers with cost savings reporting, cash flow budgeting and analysis, provision tracking, and divestment research.
  • Accounting systems that process environmental expenses to ensure all eligible costs are captured
  • Relationships with environmental consultants to ensure coordination and added value for the mutual client
  • Existing internal resources used to track claims (e.g., database, spreadsheets)
  • Data and reporting required by others in the organization

Environmental Consultants

Some State Cleanup Fund programs require, or allow for, payments directly to environmental consultants. Our expertise and claims management process is easily transferred to remediation consultants, who are highly motivated to recover their own costs. By working with us, environment consultants can save time, streamline their process, and capture reimbursement costs that far exceed our service fees.

Over the last decade, a new service market has emerged as parties responsible for remediating LUST cases seek to sell off environmental liabilities for a fixed price. In some cases, reimbursement rights accompany the sale, leaving environmental consultants challenged to manage profitability as well as cash flow. Therefore, it’s imperative they properly bid the cleanup contract and manage any obligation to collect some of the bid price from the State Cleanup Funds.

We assist environmental consultants who have assumed the cash flow risks of the direct payment model, or through liability transfers, by taking on many of the roles of their accounts receivable function with the goal of timely and full recovery of costs from the State Cleanup Funds and their clients.

Banks/Insurance Companies

We provide banks and insurance companies with the necessary knowledge to ensure that their interests in petroleum-impacted properties are protected. When banks end up acquiring property, or insurance carriers offer environmental policies, they may be unaware of the financial implications of incomplete LUST cleanups and of the possible reimbursement opportunities. Cleanup sites may be eligible for remediation funding through a variety of coordinated sources involving multiple parties, LUST funds, insurance policy coverage, and subrogation. We assist these clients with understanding and navigating through the many sources of cleanup cost recovery to support appropriate asset valuations and financial risk terms.

Government Agencies

Many of our services involve significant interaction and direct contact with state and local governmental agencies which oversee the LUST Cleanup Funds. We provide specialized engagements to public entities such as audits of specific cases or reimbursement process reviews. Our reputation for expertise in regulatory programs across the nation makes us a valuable resource for any public sector organization defining LUST program improvements.

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