Fund: Underground Storage Tank Cleanup Fund

Administered By: The UST Authority

State Fund Website:To Be Established

Fund Inception Date:12/30/2014

Fund Sunset Date:

  • Release Eligibility Requirements
  • Releases discovered and reported after 12/31/2014
  • Compliance with tank registration and fee requirements
  • Deductible & Reimbursement Cap
  • The deductible is $50,000 per claim, unless the O/O has fewer than 8 USTs and pays an annual fee of $500/tank, then the deductible is $15,000 per claim.
  • Claim limit is $1M for all claims of an O/O during a claim period from October 1 – September 30 for O/Os of 1 – 100 USTs or $2M for all claims of an O/O during a claim period for O/Os of more than 100 USTs.

The Fund is anticipated to be established and operating by 10/1/2015. For more information, contact Christine Sniezek at csniezek@pinnacleems.com.

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