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Good News in Indiana! Changes to UST Cleanup Reimbursement Law - May 8, 2017

  • HB 1495 provides reimbursement of claim preparation costs
  • Additional provisions offer relief from reduced coverage due to non-payment of historic fees

Avoid Personnel Cost Denials – Indiana’s New Non-Rule Policy - July 7, 2016

  • Provides guidelines for personnel task descriptions
  • Other Statutory revisions made to deductibles and reimbursement maximums

Bill for Funding IL LUST Fund on Governor’s Desk - April 15, 2016

  • SB2046 presented to Governor Rauner for approval on April 14, 2016
  • EPA voices concern over LUST Funds as Financial Responsibility mechanism

Kentucky Fund Sunset Extended - April 7, 2016

  • House Bill 187 extends sunset date for Kentucky LUST Fund
  • Responsible parties to receive funding for future eligible remediation efforts

Proposed Legislation to Improve Processing Time for CAPs and Claims in Indiana - February 2, 2016

  • Proposed Senate Bill 255 to improve processing time for CAP claims in Indiana
  • If adopted, claimant CAP will be increased

Michigan Underground Storage Tank Cleanup Fund Now Accepting Claims - January 22, 2016

  • Michigan LUST Fund reopens with new procedures and policies

Will Prevailing Wage Rates Now Be Reimbursable in Illinois? - December 22, 2015

  • IPCB approves costs exceeding maximum payment amounts
  • Progress made in IL state budget stalemate

New Reimbursement Fee Schedule Issued in Massachusetts - October 13, 2015

  • MA Fund regroups Task Force Work Group to update Fee Schedule
  • New Fee Schedule in effect as of 9/1/15

Wisconsin and Indiana Updates - August 25, 2015

  • Wisconsin Fund no longer accepts new sites, and sunset date for claims is June 30, 2020
  • Indiana prescribes steps for gaining access to third party properties

New and Proposed Fund Changes - June 30, 2015

  • Tennessee maximum reimbursement limit increased for currently open and new releases
  • Nevada Fund program reforms being developed
  • Alabama reimbursement limit increase proposed

Arizona’s New UST Revolving Fund - April 8, 2015

  • Arizona passes law revamping UST Program and Fund

One State Fund in Jeopardy & One State Fund Re-established - February 5, 2015

  • Indiana’s Fund proposed by governor to have monies diverted for other use
  • Michigan creates new UST Cleanup Fund for releases after December 30, 2014

Tennessee Fund Tips & Missouri Fund Changes - December 23, 2014

  • More reminders stemming from the Tennessee Fund’s updated guidance
  • Missouri Fund Claims Rule amendment goes into effect March 30, 2015

Updates from Vermont DEC & Montana DEQ - December 11, 2014

  • Vermont Reimbursement Procedures updated, including fee schedule and coverage limit
  • Montana DEQ prepares to deploy its new data system in 2015

Colorado Petroleum Storage Tank News - October 29, 2014

  • Revised Storage Tank Regulations
  • New reimbursement application limits
  • Closure Criteria Guidance issued by OPS

Rhode Island Process Improvements & New Hampshire Fund Extension -September 23, 2014

  • Rhode Island DEM’s Lean Government Initiative leads to process improvements for the UST Review Board
  • New Hampshire Fund extended to July 1, 2025

Illinois Project Labor Agreements Update - September 18, 2014

  • PLAs may be required by the IL EPA for fieldwork during Stage 2 and Stage 3 site investigation or corrective action
  • The IL EPA has issued a model PLA and a Workforce Participation Quarterly Reporting Form

North Carolina & Kentucky Fund Tips & Reminders - June 11, 2014

  • Costs that commonly go unreimbursed in North Carolina that just need preapproval
  • Helpful reminders about costs that don’t require preapproval in Kentucky

Illinois Fund Reminders & Updated Tennessee Fee Schedule - May 9, 2014

  • Requirement to pay prevailing wages in Illinois
  • Updates to Tennessee’s reasonable rate schedule

California Rolls out Electronic Submission of Fund Documents – May 1, 2014

  • Introduction of Fund GeoTracker Online
  • Benefits and requirements of online claim submission

LUST Fund Process Improvements: Indiana & Colorado – March 18, 2014

  • New Indiana unit rate allowances
  • Reminder regarding closure activities in Indiana
  • Colorado LEAN Process outcomes

Project Labor Agreements & the Illinois LUST Program – December 5, 2013

  • Understanding new PLA requirements
  • Points to Consider regarding PLA requirements

Colorado Fund Updates - November 11, 2013

  • Transitioning from paper to electronic submittals
  • Changes in the Environmental Surcharge

Movement on Fund Re-Openings: Arizona & Michigan - November 1, 2013

  • Arizona reimbursement application submittal period re-opening
  • Proposal to restore Michigan UST cleanup funds

California Fund Recent Developments - September 30, 2013

  • Reduction in available funding due to failed legislation (AB282)
  • Updated Cost Guidelines

Indiana Fund Reminders - September 24, 2013

  • Administrative deficiencies – what to consider
  • Three bid and RFP requirements

California Fund Update - July 3, 2013

  • Fund extension due to AB282
  • Closure Phase budget requirements

Massachusetts Rolls out eFile Program - May 17, 2013

  • Paper to electronic claims processing
  • Accessing the eUST website

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