Pinnacle Philanthropy

Pinnacle Philanthropy

At Pinnacle EMS, we do more than strive to balance work and everything else in our lives… we aim to be known for making a difference. We encourage employees to find local community needs where we can make a positive impact as a company. Recent projects include:

Boston Marathon Victim Fundraiser

Our employees teamed up to raise funds and Pinnacle EMS proudly matched donations given to The One Fund and the New England Patriots Charitable Organizations.

Love Bags

South Florida experiences a major increase in homelessness during its mild winter months. Our employees created, prepared and distributed Love Bags containing packaged foods, water, socks and soap to those in direct need during the year-end holidays. Further outreach also provided these essential items to homeless communities in Massachusetts and North Carolina.

Susan G. Komen Walk

For the past 10 years our employees have shown a commitment to women’s health by participating in fundraising and awareness events for breast cancer. Pinnacle EMS has provided matching company contributions and in-house speakers to bring understanding of this important issue.

Other Contributions

Sandy Hook Community – Sympathy Cards

Sheridan House – School Supplies

Food for the Poor – Haiti Relief Funds

American Red Cross – Hurricane Katrina Relief

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